Video: Faces of Distracted Driving


The Casey Feldman Faces of Distracted Driving video was produced by Casey’s father, Joel Feldman. It is the only video created by a member of the public and featured in the series published by former U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood. It is narrated by Casey’s former boyfriend, Matt Thornton and features Casey’s friends and mother.

After its production, Secretary LaHood turned his blog post over to Joel, stating,  “When I first watched this video, it was immediately clear to me that Joel Feldman poured a tremendous amount of love for his daughter Casey into this project. And his story is so powerful that I’ve turned today’s blog post over to Joel.  His commentary begins after the video below; I can’t thank him enough for sharing his video with us and for explaining so eloquently why he chose to record Casey’s story.

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