Casey as a freshman


I’ll never forget one of my first interactions with Casey. She was a freshman, and it was during Intro to Journalism with Dr. Stone. I was an assistant editor on the Observer at the time. I’m pretty sure that Casey was the only freshman in the class, but she was probably the most active participant in class. I remember at one point Dr. Stone had pulled me aside and made a note to ask Casey to be a part of the Observer.

Even as the only freshman in the class (while many others were still taking core classes), she was very confident, and already showed so much potential in journalism. The following school year, I was very excited that Casey had showed up to journalism workshop to write regularly for the Observer. It was the start of her fabulous career on the newspaper, and the beginning to my relationship with Casey.

[This photo of Casey and Meaghan Dillon is from June 08′ and is taken from Casey’s album titled, “Observer Amazingness”.Click here to view more photos from this album.]

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