Casey as my Law Clerk- Day One


As summer begins again and our new batch of law clerks arrive at the firm (Casey’s dad Joels firm- I’m his law partner) I can’t help but think of Casey and her rather remarkable first day on the job so, I thought I’d share the story.

Casey arrived like all of our summer help – early and eager to work. However, Casey wanted to meet with me before she began to discuss an issue, so we sat down to talk. Her job was to be full time, and we pay pretty well! So I was surprised to hear her ask if I would mind if she only worked part of the time (not really “part time”). No summer clerk ever started their job with such a request. Casey explained that she was going to be doing some “reporting” for a local paper which would require flexibility in her work schedule. Of course I said OK (I suppose her father’s position had something to do with my favorable response). I really wasn’t sure how serious she was but, I learned quickly!

Just a week later she walked in smiling and asked if I wanted to see her first article in the local paper. Any doubt I had was erased when I saw her name and a feature story on the front page of a very widely circulated Philly suburban newspaper. More impressive was the writing- better than all of my veteran law students, and, frankly, better than most lawyers whose writing I read on a daily basis. Frankly, it was better than my own writing! (For those who know me, that’s a major concession!)

I then knew why Casey was a “part-timer” at my law firm– she was a journalist, a writer and a creative thinker. The job at the firm was a job, the writing was a passion- it was a big part of who she was. I was honored to share that summer with Casey- reading her work, getting to know her better, and watching her pursue her real dream. And oh, by the way, during the rest of the time here she was an exceptional, hard working summer clerk!

[Note: Casey worked at the Anapol law firm for Larry Cohan during the summer of 2007 and also for The News of Delaware County].

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