“It’s Only Embarrassing If You Let It Be”


Casey, you were one of the sweetest people I had ever met. You didn’t have an unkind bone in your body. Your smile was electric and your constant good mood was contageous. You made everyone around you happy and feel wonderful. Thank you for all the encouragement and advice you gave me over the few brief years I knew you. You are truly missed. You live on in the friends you left behind. None of us will ever forget you.

My fondest memory is from my sophomore year in high school. I was walking through the commons and Casey was walking towards me. I was so absorbed in whatever I was doing that I tripped and the belongings of my purse scattered all over the floor in front of many people. Casey stopped to help me pick them up. I said “Well that was embarrassing”. Casey smiled at me and said “only if you let it be…” It was one of the best pieces of advice I’d ever gotten. There were many times like this, with a smile and a comment, she could make your whole day better.

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