Sing Pretty With the Angels

Casey Lips FLA 1-09\' 2436.jpg
casey 21st BD.jpg

My memory of Casey is bright & beautiful! I taught Casey voice @ Napoli School of Music. She was a talented & bright young woman with big dreams of broadcasting ahead of her. May you rest in peace sweetheart, while singing pretty with the Angels!

With Love & Blessings, JODI LETIZIA*

[Note from Casey’s mom: Casey loved singing. She sang at home in Springfield in the house constantly and took lessons with Jodi during high school to develop her voice. I would often have to remind her to sing more softly if it was late and others were sleeping in the house.

The first photo is from Jan 09′ at Lips in Ft. Lauderdale with Casey singing “Summer Nights” from Grease with the bartender  (with Mom & Dad on stage moving to the rhythym). Click here to see more photos from the family trip to Disney & Ft. Lauderdale in Jan. 09. The second photo is of Casey (right) and Casey’s Fordham apt. mate and friend, Christina Halligan singing a Beatles song on Casey’s 21st birthday in Ap. 09′. Click here to see more photos from Casey’s FB album, “Finally 21!!!”. ]

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