Casey & Matt – Last Weekend Before College

Casey & Matt Shore 8-18-06_3709.jpg

It was the final weekend before Casey was headed up to school and I was going to JMU. We wanted to spend as much time together as possible before we started our new college lives. I know we were both apprehensive about the distance but we were comfortable with our relationship.

It was a beautiful day on Friday driving down to the shore. Casey and I walked along the beach and sat down with the sun setting behind us. We enjoyed the waves on the beach, and took about a hundred pictures with the good lighting. That night we walked along the promenade in SIC and sat down on one of the “piers” that had benches and the little binocular viewing things. I remember us both talking about leaving each other for school, but we were determined to make it work, and we already started making plans for visits.

The next day, on Saturday, we woke up and lugged a few chairs and an umbrella down to the beach after breakfast and sat out reading on the beach, soaking up the sun, and playing silly games like “Would You Rather.” That night we went to Wildwood and had a lot of fun on the piers. Casey and I won an orange stuffed fish that I believe is from the Little Mermaid movies. I remember going on the Ferris Wheel, and the cool wind at night in the fall blowing Casey’s hair when the wheel stopped with us at the top. She was wearing my coat and even though there were people across from us we snuggled up with each other and enjoyed the view. I know that in that moment we ignored all the things ahead of us and just reveled in the moment of life.

On Sunday night we drove down to Townsends Inlet and laid on a towel looking up at the stars and contemplating what the years in college would bring. I’m quite sure that it was an important memory for both of us, as Casey recalled that night in memories she had of us, along with the song from “Lost in Translation” which was a movie we watched that weekend. We both loved the time we spent with each other that weekend.

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