Memories of a Sweet Niece

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It seems like just yesterday Casey was born. My first look was with awe at the beautiful bundle of joy. I gazed upon her and I saw those fair eyelashes and eyebrows and beautiful pink skin. I watched her daddy dip her into a Ricotta cheese cup (to bathe her when she was so tiny). She even came out smiling then!

Before my eyes Casey grew from that fair pinked skin newborn to a babbling toddler. Oh, could I hear her mom in her as she blabbered a mile a minute. I was astonished at her advanced vocabulary and knew right then how smart my niece was.

From a talkative and inquisitive toddler, Casey grew to be a young bright little girl who always wanted to hear stories about my fifth and sixth grade students. She would say “Aunt Sue tell me some funny stories about your students.” Casey would listen intently and laugh over those little stories.

Time flew by and she became a young preteen, always laughing and being a practical joker like her dad. Oh, toothpaste in my slippers, baby powder in my sheets, candles and lights unplugged in my house. Of course, she wasn’t alone; she and her cute cousin, Jamie and cute brother, Brett were partners in crime. How she liked to tease cousin, Chris about his girlfriends. Jamie and Casey would record in a notebook how many times Chris kissed or held hands with a girl (while spying from some unknown location). I wonder where that little notebook went?

However, Casey was beginning to notice the opposite sex also and would say “Aunt Sue, don’t you think Paul is cute.” Of course I replied and smiled as Casey was starting to notice boys.

It seems like just yesterday that Casey was a teenager. I watched her get ready for a night at the boardwalk with her platform shoes, fancy dresses and of course the makeup and hair. What beautiful hair!

Right around the corner came high school. There I watched Casey shine in all those productions she did for the theater. As she acted I saw she had her mom’s mannerisms and speech. Soon graduation came and when I showed her graduation picture proudly to all, I remember someone saying,” boy she looks like a porcelain doll.” Yes, she was a beautiful doll.

College rolled around and she jumped right into those years. She becme a mature, sweet, talented and driven young lady, one we were all so proud of. I remember all her enthusiasm for New York City and how proud she was showing her cousin, Curt through the city. She was a city lover, but she never forgot the country where she enjoyed her family and pets.

Sadly and unfairly in an instant Casey was taken away from us. However I was amazed for her short life how much Casey accomplished and how many lives she touched with her warm smile and thoughtfulness.

Now as the sun shines and the stars twinkle, I will remember how lucky I was to have known and shared many wonderful times with my sweet niece, Casey. Someday we will meet again Casey and you will be smiling as always. Lovingly, Aunt Sue

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  1. aunt janice 9 years ago

    This is very touching and served to remind me of many of those same times we shared together as a family.
    sadly missed,
    aunt janice

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