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“I believe I can accomplish anything. And I’m certainly going to try.” Not many people find the Olsen twins quotable, but Casey Feldman, 17, cites this nugget of wisdom courtesy of Mary-Kate Olsen as recent inspiration. It is not surprising that Feldman, very goal-oriented and motivated herself, would descry percipience in the words of the ultra-successful teen mogul..

This determination to achieve is evident in Feldman’s large number of extracurricular engagements; her zeal for so many activities leaves her schedule jam-packed. If you can’t find her out in the peaceful idyll of the countryside riding her horse, check her school’s TV studio, where she anchors the daily news show, or the yearbook room, where you’ll find her sorting through stacks of pictures and polls. “Sometimes it does get difficult to juggle everything, but if something’s important, you find a way to make it work,” she says..

The activity that consumes most of her time? Theater. Feldman is secretary of her high school’s performance group and has spent hours rehearsing for and starring in plays. “I’ve really learned a lot through my participation in theater,” she explains. “Each show is a process—from auditions to opening night. Sometimes it gets tedious when we are having five-hour-long practices after school and all I really want to do is go home and sleep, but in the end it’s more than worth it.”.

“I dedicate so much time to every show, and it’s gratifying to know that I have performed successfully as a result. I know it’s cliché, but I really have learned the value of hard work and been able to apply it to other segments of my life.”.

Feldman believes that the lessons she has learned so far will be crucial to her success in college and beyond. She feels that she has developed not only a strong work ethic, but a newfound faith in herself. “I’m more satisfied with my efforts, and I refuse to allow other people’s negativity to affect me.”.

The prospect of leaving her sheltered high school world and the comforting familiarity it provides both scares and excites her. “Although it will be hard to depart from everything I’ve known, I’m enthusiastic about moving on and beginning a new chapter in my life,” she relayed. “I can’t wait to have the opportunity to make something of myself and accomplish everything I’ve always dreamed of.” If all the world’s a stage, Casey Feldman’s high school experience will have served as a dress rehearsal for all the important performances yet to come.

[ View photos from Casey’s high school theater performances, STW friends and the Cappies awards ceremony. To hear Casey’s SHS teacher and theater director, John Guildea, talk about Casey’s high school theatre performances, watch the 14 minute video, “Remembering Casey” . Read about the Springfield High School STW’s tribute to Casey’s memory, with photos.].

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