11th Grade History Video Shooting

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Casey was definitely one of the girls that could hold a conversation with anyone. We had a few classes together in high school and she was definitely a shining star in all of them.  My best memory of Casey was junior year of high school.  Casey, Amber, Lisa, Sarah, and I  all had a project for 11th grade history and all agreed to meet at Casey’s house to shoot the video. It was the day after junior prom so most of us were dragging our feet but, for some reason everytime we went to shoot the video for this project one of us would fall out laughing and we would have to stop. iI is definitely a memory that makes me smile. She was truly one of a kind, and she has left an imprint on all of our hearts. She will be missed.  And to you Casey, it is not goodbye;  it is see you later. Yo will always be in our hearts and minds and hopefully. one day we will meet again. Rest in peace beautiful angel.

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