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The story that I am about to relate goes back to when our Casey was just a little ‘bit’ of a thing; maybe 2 years old–at most. We all know that Casey learned to speak earlier than most toddlers and that she began reading as an incredibly young child. So when this happened, I shouldn’t have been surprised. I was however impressed, and with time I almost came to expect such precociousness from my little niece.
We were wrapping up our Sunday visit to the Feldman’s and just before leaving I ventured upstairs to say my goodbyes to Casey. Joel was busy giving Casey a bath in the pink bathroom. The tub was full of bubbles and a few of Casey’s toys and a Ken doll–don’t know where Barbie was. Holding up the one-legged Ken doll, Joel said, “Hey Casey, tell Aunt Janice what Ken is.” With that, Casey looked at me with a very serious look on her face and said, “An amputee.” The words came out of her little mouth like a melody. Between ‘amputee’ and that melodious little voice, I burst out laughing. All the while Caset just looked at me with an expression that told me she had no idea what was so funny. So, it’s no doubt that Casey scored a perfect 800 on the SAT Verbals!
This is one of my favorite memories of Casey as a very young child.

Note: This picture of Casey in the bathtub was taken when she was 9 months old. To view more photos of Casey from this period, go to the photo gallery album, Early Years > Baby & Toddler .

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