Arsenic; Broadcast of Night of the Arts

Casey and I met through theatre. It wasn’t our first show, but Arsenic and Old lace was where the Springfield Theater Workshop (STW became a family thanks to Casey. She was always willing to share with others: her laughter, her advice (which I was often too stubborn to take), her home and most importantly, her heart. Casey made my life better by being my friend. It’s impossible to choose a favorite memory of Casey, but this one makes me smile:

In our senior year Casey and I worked together on Springfield Today, the news broadcast at SHS. We spearheaded the first live broadcast of Celebration of the Arts in SHS history; Casey as our lead anchor and I as the technical director. During an interview our stage manager tried to signal Casey. Without headsets we used hand signals and the manager wasn’t very clear. Casey (live on camera) squinted and said aloud “wait, cut it out or stretch?”, before she realized she was on camera. She laughed and went right back into the interview before closing out.

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