Brett’s “Real” Parents


I really hope Brett remembers this because I know I do and I wasnt even there. Casey told me a story once and ever since then I have thought about it from time to time and whenever I do I ALWAYS laugh!

The Feldman’s were at some type of “boring” family dinner. Casey and Brett were both young and decided to explore the resturant. This exploration led them to a payphone.

Casey picked up the phone and started talking to someone on the other end, making comments like “yeah, he’s right here” and “Brett won’t go anywhere”. Curious, Brett asked who Casey was talking to. Casey’s response was “your real parent’s, Brett. they’re coming to get you.”

Knowing Casey’s tricks even then, he said she was lying and wanted to talk to whoever was on the other end of the phone. Casey obediently handed the reciever over. Brett listened and said, “No one’s there.”

At this point Casey responded “that’s because they already left. Your real parents on their way to come take you back!”

Brett then started crying hysterically and Uncle Joel came over and told Brett that Casey was just pulling his leg and that they were in fact his real parents.

Hahah! Obviously even when she was real little, Casey was always a trickster..just like her dad.(No, I never ate doggie bones, Uncle Joel!)

[Note: The first photo of Brett and Casey was is from the photo gallery album Travel-Family Vacations > Puerto Rico 1/08 .The photo of Casey and Jamie can be found in the album Special Family Events > 6/08 Brett’s High School Graduation & 7/08 Party.]

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