Bringing a Smile

Casey, Jayme Richards and Lindsey Burke, Xmas Break 08-09.jpg

The day after I graduated from high school I got into a car accident. I was hurt pretty bad and was in the hospital for about a week then got to go home. Day after day friends would stop by my house and lift my spirits and distract me from thinking about what had just happened. Casey stopped by many times but I’ll never forget the first time she came over. She came in with her beautiful smile and right away I felt at ease. She made no comments about my appereance, but made me laugh like she usually did. She had brought me gossip girl books and fun hats because she heard from rumor that I had gotten my head shaven (we had a great laugh about it).

I think back on it now and I think of how she had walked into my house with no fear of what she was about to see. She just came in to to see her regular friend and give her comfort and support. With her charming personality she brought me to laughter. I knew right then and there that I had found myself a great, loving, honest, wonderful friend that would never judge me and would always be by my side.

[ The above photo of Casey (left), Jayme Richards (center) and Lindsey Burke was taken over Casey’s last Christmas break, Dec.08 ‘- Jan.09’. View more photos in this album taken from Casey’s Facebook.]

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