Pink Glow

My name is Lisa Rodgers, and I did not know Casey personally but we share mutual friends including Elyse Marinelli, and Melissa Zirolli whom I just met at WCU while taking a summer course. Melissa and I were talking one day and realized that we had graduated the same year, 2005, me from Sun Valley and her from Springfield. When I found out she went to Springfield I started asking her if she knew any of the people I was friends with and she ended up knowing all of them, including Elyse!

Melissa asked me if I had known Casey and that is how the conversation about her started. Melissa loved Casey very much, and it was quite obvious how much she impacted her life. Casey really seemed like an amazing person, someone I wish I could have known in life rather than after she had passed away.

Melissa had told me one day in class about Casey’s website so when I got home that evening I decided to check it out and read some of the memories and spiritual encounters people have had. Being that I recently lost an uncle and have had several spiritual encounters with him which I cannot explain, I read the items in that category first. As I was reading a particularly touching one about a dream, I looked up and my entire living room was glowing with a pale pink light from the sun coming through the clouds. I know pink was Casey’s favorite color so it was almost like she was there with me. Very odd!

I texted Melissa right away to tell her and she said I should post it on the website. I’m not sure if that light had anything to do with Casey being that we never knew each other but personally, I think it might have. Although I never knew her, I believe that she is still affecting people, even complete strangers, every day.

[Note: The photo of Casey is from her 2006 SHS Senior Prom. To see more photos from this album in the photo gallery, go to High School Years > Proms and Dances > 5-5-06 Casey’s Sr. Prom.

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