Cliff Club Mischief – 1999

brett & casey mischievous.jpg

The year was somewhere between 99 and 2001, around Christmas time I think. Me, Casey, my mom and dad were at the Cliff Club in Snowbird, Utah for one of our annual skiing vacations. Being young and mischievous, Casey and I were always looking for ways to get into trouble. We found ourselves on the 10th floor of the Cliff Club, on a walkway that overlooked the lobby of the hotel, 10 floors below. Casey “dared” me to spit off the balcony into the lobby below to see if I could hit anyone on top of the head. Being the younger brother, I accepted the dare and began to spit off the balcony. Casey soon joined in, and after a few seconds we were both spitting non stop into the lobby below. Eventually, a hotel security guard caught on to what we were doing, and started to run after us. We tried to get away by running down the hallways, but eventually got caught.

A large portion of my sense of humor obviously came from Casey. Whenever I think about my big sister, it is stories like these that pop into my head. Anyone else got any funny stories?

P.S. I liked the dog poop reference dad…

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