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Just today (August 2, 2010) I received an email from Cutco, informing me of a great sale that is about to end. It brought back memories of the day my young niece (about 16 yrs old???) sat before me with her samples of Cutco knives spread out on my kitchen counter. This was Casey’s first job as what I deemed an award winning sales rep. Believing that I could save my darling a lot of time, I immediately opened my check book and said, “I need a good such-an-such a knife and some good steak knives. How much do I owe you?” “Oh no, Aunt Janice! I have to tell you all about our products”, was her very exuberant response. “Save yourself the time, you know I’m going to buy some knives, just give me the bill.” After a brief but very convincing explanation as to why I needed to hear all about her world class cutlery, I sat back, kept my mouth shut and listened.

I listened intently as this perky little blond espoused the superior attributes of her fine product line: her expressive eyes sparkling along with that signature “Casey giggle”. I intently watched in amazement and listened with curiosity as this future broadcast journalist provided every detail about the craftmanship and durability of Cutco products, not to mention the lifetime gurantee. Casey even pointed out some surprising and unexpected contrasts between her Cutco knives and my suddenly inferior set of Henkels. Her case for Cutco was so convincingly honest and factual, that Cutco was ‘in’ and that German brand was, well just money mis-spent.

This, along with all of the other memories of family get togethers, kayaking trips, shopping excursions and walks on the boardwalk, remains precious and very special ways that allow me to sort of revisit my niece.

[The attached photo was taken of Casey & her Aunt Janice on July 10, 2009 at a craft show on the Music Pier on the Ocean City boardwalk. Casey stopped by to support her Aunt Janice (who was showing her wares), before heading down the boardwalk for work at Bob’s Grill.To see more photos from this day, view the Shore> 08′ & 09′ photo collection].

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