Thoughts On My Niece


I know that someday when the family recalls our dear, sweet Casey, we will be able to smile and perhaps even laugh as we recollect stories or we simply just reminisce about this little angel. Right now it seems that tears all too easily present themselves in our expressions of grief and even in our disbelief that she is actually gone. Sadly, it is only through our loss that I realize just how much Casey touched our lives and lightened our hearts. I can still so clearly hear her voice call out, “Hi Aunt Janice!” as I turn my head in the direction of that cheerful greeting and let my eyes fall upon a hugely brilliant smile framed by golden hair. THAT is a comforting remembrance as is her eternally funny sense of humor that would result in a smile on MY face as well as on her own. I love our Casey so much and am waiting for the day when a smile replaces these sad tears.

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