“You Have Weird Handwriting”

Our Towne #3.jpg

I think probably one of the first things Casey ever said to me was that I had weird handwriting. That sums up how I think of her: random, observant (I do have weird handwriting), funny, and to the point. When I was assistant stage managed for Our Town, I remember waiting for rides after rehearsal on the front steps of the high school and just talking and laughing– I think it was there that it became a joke between us to say “PS, I love you” whenever we saw each other. She was absolutely the most genuine person I’ve ever met, and the passion she had for life was contagious.

Casey… I know you lived your life fully, every second, and that you had so much more left to accomplish and give to the world. You’ll be with us in everything we do– I know I’ll always be thinking of you.

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