Jono Ori Memory

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I was able to get to know Casey through being involved in the arts at SHS when I was there. In the performances that I had the chance to see her in, she had an unbelievable ability to command an audience. Her personal interactions with people seeme…d to be the same. She commanded (at the very least) my attention in most settings where we encountered one another. In the halls at school, even on what could’ve been a terrible day for her (I never really knew), she was very sweet and always had a big smile for anyone she ran into. We remained in touch when she came to New York and to Fordham and when I got involved in filmmaking, I always kept her in mind for parts (particularly the supporting actress in a feature-length comedy I’m working on). Unfortunately, we never got a chance to work together. I’m happy to see that so many people cared for her and were willing to write things here about her.

May angels lead you in, Casey.

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