My Big Sister’s Best Friend

Jackie 2.jpg

Casey was like a sister to me. Her and Amber were bestfreinds so, I saw her a lot. Whenever Casey would come to my house she’d always greet me with a hug and huge smile. I loved having her around and hanging out with her and Amber. She was alway…s such a happy and vibrant person! Words don’t even begin to describe Casey and how great of a person she truly was. I don’t believe anyone who knew Casey didn’t change for the better. She was such a fun and loving person that you had to be truly blessed to have known her. She was honest, caring, and always smiling and having a good time. She had so much to offer the world and was so talented…. I love and miss you Casey soo much. … I know now though that you will never be gone you’ll live forever on in everyones hearts ♥ .

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