Secret Stakeouts (SS) ,Spice Girls, Nsync, The Lily Pond….

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Casey, Lisa DiCroce, Linda DiCroce, Rachel Pacifico, and I were inseperable growing up. I have countless memories of the five of us having more fun than kids could possibly have in Springfield. We kept ourselves entertained every single day by play…ing John’s Bayside Steakhouse, our college game, exploring Casey’s 5million-year-old house, making our hideaway forts in the woods, Secret Stakeouts (SS), and choreographing dances to Nsync, Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, and Spice Girls! Casey was always Baby Spice, (of course), and I was always Sporty Spice, (of course). None of us could ever forget the Lilypond, where we would bring Casey’s cat’s food to feed the ridiculous number of cats that lived at this one house, and also where we found Rachel’s future cat, Frisco (who was previously named maybe 6 other names before it was decided). Nothing will every come close to replacing my memories of Casey and her contagious personality.·

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