ambercasey twins 3d484.jpg

We were out to dinner with the STW group after one of their shows. This is the caption Casey put up for this photo, “we’re twins. even though i totally told her what i was wearing and she copied me. i still like her.” Sometimes I did copy her outfits, just because she was always so fashionable! Other times, Casey and I would buy the same outfits together or end up wearing similar clothes without planning it. One time we even picked out the same prom dress without even knowing it; fortunately we did not end up buying the same dress! We called ourselves “mall buddies” because we loved to go shopping together. One time, we were waiting in line for a dressing room and an employee walked up to us and said, “Are you girls twins?” Casey and I looked at each other and giggled (and Casey did her little mischievious grin), and we decided to go along with it. “Yes, we are twins!” Casey stated boldly. That whole day we paraded around the mall and pretended we were twins.

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