YESTERDAY – Happy Birthday Casey

Ap 6, 09 Casey\'s 21st BD celebration.jpg

I have signed onto this site 3 different times today wondering if I should post something – each time I left the site because I felt I was intruding – then I think about your Dad who I have the pleasure of working for and thought how mad would he be if I thought about saying something and didn’t.

Well I know its your birthday today – your Dad told me yesterday. Having a daughter close to your age makes me think about you often – I forward all the articles that have been published about you, the new laws that have been passed in the State of New Jersey . . I guess I do it just to let her know she is special and that I hope I never experience such a terrible loss as your family has been suffering with. I hope that doesn’t sound selfish. . .

Your Dad is a wonderful man, I have met your Mom, briefly most recently when she came in to help the rest of the staff stuff pillows for patients undergoing treatment for cancer in YOUR HONOR – –
I did have the pleasure of meeting you once briefly – you came in to the office looking for one of the attorneys and came to the wrong floor – I though you were one of the most adorable kids I ever met and it was just a coincidence that no less than 10 minutes earlier your Dad was telling me you were coming into the office – we’ll i take that as it was meant for us to have met if only briefly.

Your life has touched so many and continues to touch many more, I like to listen to the stories your Dad tells or the memories he shares . . . it puts a smile on his face,
I could probably go on but will save it for another day – I am sure that as the days and weeks go by your Dad will have plenty more memories to share, I am glad that he has shared them with me.


[The above photo of Casey and her apt. mates at Fordham was taken on April 6, 2009, the day of Casey’s last birthday (on the Earth plane). See more photos from Casey’s 21st birthday celebration with her N.Y. friends from Casey’s Facebook album, “Finally 21!!!!”

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