Bring it ON!!


Casey and I were in the 7th grade and I had Casey over my house one Saturday. It was after the movie, “Bring It On” came out and for something to do we decided to video tape ourselves doing the opening cheer. In the opening scene of the movie, each cheerleader pops up and introduces themselves with a peppy little line. We already knew the song because we had seen it so many times, so when we decided to do the cheer, Casey just shined and knew how to do every character. I couldn’t do the cheer because Casey had me laughing so hard with all of the characters and the different voices that she had for them.

[This photo, of Sami Csaniz (right), Casey (center) and Elyse Marinelli is from the girls’ high school junior prom. View more photos from the junior prom as well as Casey’s other high school proms and dances.]

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