Dad’s Pranks


Casey’s Dad always had fun playing pranks on her and her brother. I learned this side of him as I got to know the family better, although at first I admit I was a little intimidated by him. This led to friends joking about our original introduction going something like “Hello, I’m Mr. Feldman. My friends call me Joel. You will call me SIR!” However, Casey’s relationship with her dad dispelled the intimidation over time, especially as I learned about his mischievious side.

One night, Casey and I were having a casual conversation online, when she exclaimed out of the run of conversation: “Oh my god!” I asked what happened and she relayed the following:

“My dad just came up to me and he was wearing his white dress shirt. He is acting all mad and says “Look what I just did,” pointing to brown stains on his shirt. “Its dog poop I accidently got on myself outside picking up Nikki’s poop.” Then… HE RUBS MY FACE ON HIS SHIRT! I screamed but then he said it was chocolate chips. I was freaking out!”

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