Casey and Lisa’s Quality TV

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Casey and I used to sit on the upstairs computer for hours making up fake screen names, torturing people on the internet, phone and whatnot. We’d also replay the music video “Emotions” by Mariah Carey over and over again. Casey would sing along and when Mariah would hit this one really high note she kind of squeaked and it sounded really funny so Casey and I would always laugh hysterically and rewind it one hundred times.

One day we decided that our lives in front of the computer should be documented. We thought we’d make quality TV, so we decided to call our “show” Casey and Lisa’s Quality TV. We sat a video camera up in the window and let it roll as we made fun of people online and sang and laughed to Mariah Carey’s video, “Emotions.”

I have this video of the two of us singing and dancing around if anyone would be interested in seeing it. We both agreed we looked pretty “beastly” in the video, but I’m sure Casey wouldn’t mind it being viewed, since we had thought it was worth being recorded 🙂

This picture of Casey and Lisa was taken at the high school yearbook signing party for the class of 2006 at Springfield Country Club. View more photos from the album “Senior Stuff”.

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  1. DianneAnderson 14 years ago

    Great memory Lisa! Yes we want to see the video! Contact me about it and I’ll post it on the site!

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