Casey at the Computer With Brooke and Jackie

Jackie and Casey.jpg

I had two similar dreams, both about a month ago, just a few nights apart.

In the first one Casey was upstairs at our house in the TV room off of her bedroom. She was sitting on the couch with Brooke Burdge and the two of them were immersed in something on the computer. I simply assumed it was Facebook, since Casey could entertain herself with her girlfriends here for extended periods on the computer on Facebook. I walked in and was so elated to see Casey, thinking, oh my gosh, she is alive and well! I expressed my excitement to Casey and she ignored me, I guess in part because she and Brooke were so focused on the computer. She finally acknowledged me and we had a good loving hug that made me feel great.

Just a few nights later I had a similar dream. This time Casey was on the computer with Jackie Cahill. They were in a room which I didn’t recognize. It was small, not much bigger than a closet and had unfinished grey concrete walls. Again, she was engrossed on the computer with Jackie. End of dream.

Maybe Casey wants us to know that her spirit is indeed much alive and that she is following everything we do on the computer, including Facebook!

The photo of Casey and Brooke (2nd photo) is from the album, More From Brooke’s Album. The photo of Casey and Jackie “smiling” for the camera is from the album, Lindsey’s Birthday Party! ( July 2007)

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