Casey & The Observer Sports Editors


Personally, this is my favorite picture I have with Casey. This picture was taken at one of our Observer gatherings back in December of 2008. In the picture is fellow Sports Editor Rob, Casey, and myself on the right.

I remember why this picture was taken. For some reason that night, Casey made it a point to want to take pictures with most of us, including her Sports people. Throughout me knowing her, she would always call me ‘creeper’, which, in turn, has made me use it in every-day language.

I first met/knew of Casey when I became co-Sports-Editor sometime in December of 2007. Frankly, I remember being somewhat scared of her. At first glance, she was aggressive, extremely inquisitive, and full-on serious, which was overwhelming for someone like me, trying to get what all this Observer stuff was about.

Little did I know that her work personality will not only make her a damn good news editor, but also a great person to work with and a good friend. She always cared. Whether it is about the world, Fordham, or even the small seemingly insignificant nuances of my life, she would ask questions and care about the information. She made the news section her own and put her all into it from writing last-minute articles to editing her writers articles with extraordinary detail. Towards the end of my tenure at Fordham, she even started to ask me more questions, about what I was going to do afterwards, thoughts, opinions, and the like.

In fact, one of my clearest memories of her was an Observer workshop class a few months ago where she asked Rob and I the difference between a “touchback” and a “safety” in American football. Though I got a small laugh out of it, it just showed me that she cared to do what most of us seem afraid to do: ask questions. It also showed me that she is indeed one of the five people who read the Sports section, but I digress…

I even think back to our last two interactions, both regarding Facebook. One was a message chain between me and her about a possible article for the first issue this coming school year. The second was her liking a status about my undying love for Lady Gaga’s music. Well, Casey, there’s no need to check your hand, because I know that you’re fabulous (and always will be)…

As I start my teaching career, one of my mantras I will teach my students is to ALWAYS ask questions. Casey was never afraid to ask questions, which made her an amazing journalist and someone who I can call my friend.

Thank you, Casey, for making an impact on not only my vocabulary, my music taste, and my writing ability (indirectly), but also on how I interact with people and teach my kids on how to interact (by questioning). Thank you for making an impact on me that stretches far beyond the next issue of the Observer or a new editorial board. Thank you for just being Casey.

I’ll miss you, creeper. =(

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