Casey’s Facebook Survey, “20 Things That Might Make You Shady”, July 14, 2009

"Maybe I Am Shady Afterall", July 14, 2009 (Facebook Survey)
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maybe i am shady after all…

by Casey Feldman on Tuesday, July 14, 2009 at 12:35am

List 20 things that might make you “shady” by some people’s standards.

Name this note: “Maybe I am “shady” after all.”

1. Sometimes i steal fries off people’s plates before i give them their food at bob’s.

2. i have beach tags, i swear, but i never bring them to the beach. ever. no matter how many times the beach tag girls bug me.

3. if people are driving too slow in the left lane, i just tailgate them until they move over. which they usually do, because my car is probably bigger than theirs.

4. i love socks.

5. i always wear socks to bed. even in the summer.

6. sometimes in the winter, i wear three pairs of socks at one time.

7. im really nosy and i ask a lot of questions. pain in the ass or budding journalist? your call.

8. i hate bananas.

9. i always love the bartender. always.

10. i approach random people in bars.

11. i facebook stalk hardcore whenever im really bored. like look through all 200 of someone’s pics who i’ve never met.

12. i own girls next door on DVD.

13. i used to wear push up bras to the gym, because thats all i owned.

14. i think paris hilton seems cool, and whenever i see the show Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, i get kind of jealous. i kind of really do wanna be her new BFF.

15. last year, i had a picture of robert pattinson on the wall next to my bed.

16. i regularly hit adjacent cars while trying to park. twice ive had to leave notes and my parents have had to pay. fail.

17. i pretty much always read a few books at once.

18. ive never read or seen harry potter.

19. i carry mace and sometimes bust it out on amsterdam ave on a late night run to duane reade for ice cream because it is SHADY BACK THERE!

20. im ALWAYS overly nervous and paranoid about being murdered/kidnapped/attacked. i blame this on my overprotective dad.

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