Mike’s Hard Lemonade!


I was thinking about all my awesome memories of Case today because it is her 23rd birthday. I decided I had to leave this memory, which is one of my favorites

I was down at the shore with Casey over Memorial Day 2009, for our first summer of being 21. Neither of us had even gone to bars down in Sea Isle before and were super excited about the prospect! During the day we thought it would be a great idea to take some Mike’s Hard Lemonade (variety pack as Case said she would be in need of variety) to the beach. I specifically remember it was Casey, Rachael Kemmey, and me and one of us uttered the words just as we had opened our first bottle of the oober sugary drink, “This is the best idea we have ever had!”

However, a few lemonades in we realized we were going to have to use the ladies room. As we were diplomatically discussing our options of using a ladies room, Casey bravely stands up without saying a word, digs a hole, covers herself with a towel she had brought back from France and used the hole to relieve herself. Kemmey and I laughed so hard! ( but p.s. There was no one on the beach for miles bc it was cold) Casey always knew how to utilize a situation! Because of Casey I now pee in holes at the beach.

Love you Casey and miss your corky, awesome self!

[Note: The first two pictures are of Casey and Kasey Borbidge performing in the 2005 Springfield High School theater production of The Odd Couple. The third picture is of Casey and Kasey Borbidge at the 2006 Greater Philadelphia Cappies Awards, for which The Odd Couple won best play.

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