Disabled Thanksgiving Turkeys


It’s hard for me to pick just one memory and write about it – mainly because some of my favorite memories are just the random, hilarious, and odd things that Casey would say or do. Thanksgiving is coming up and this time of year always reminds me of this crazy AIM conversation Casey and I had one year regarding turkeys. I think one of us had had a thanksgiving turkey with only one wing or leg that year (I wish I could better remember how it started). We went on for hours talking about Thanksgiving turkeys with disabilities and how it was so nice of the turkey farmers to not discriminate against those turkeys by letting them become a meal just like the turkeys who had 2 wings and 2 legs. We then progressed the conversation to blind turkeys and all other crazy problems that turkeys could have; yet we were equally as confused as to why the store would sell a turkey with only one wing, or leg, etc at full price because some of the turkey was missing and it should have been discounted. The whole conversation was outrageous and hilarious. I used to have it saved on my computer for the longest time because every year as turkey day approached Casey and I would talk about that amazing turkey conversation we one had.

So as this Thanksgiving approaches I will still look back and remember that conversation. And even though I will be upset that I can’t physically talk to Casey about it, I know she is up there thinking and laughing about it too.

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