Gus “the fish”

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(A simple reflection) I just resurrected a fish tank that had been in the attic for about 8 years or so. After seeing to all of the preparations so that the old tank could once again become a source of tranquility and entertainment, I reflected back on the original purchase of the tank. I was Christmas shopping some 12 or 13 years ago and had a pair of coupons in my hand for two fish tanks. For only about $13, each coupon provided me with a 10 gallon fish tank, a filter (charcoal, etc) and some other incidental accessory. I had Jamie and Casey in mind. What a great Christmas gift. I knew that the girls loved critters, so this would be perfect. Asking the clerk at PetsMart where I might find the items included in the coupon special, he was amazed at the great deal offered by the coupon. It was obviously a mistake (what did I know?) and I was actually making quite a steal. I left the store feeling quite triumphant and pleased that PetsMart honored their coupon deal without even a whimper.

Jamie’s tank quickly filled with little neons, mollies, and a few snails. A few months later, when visiting Dianne, Joel and the kids, I asked to see Casey’s fish tank. Looking back at me through the shallow waters was a little green turtle and a later a mighty little lizard that Casey dubbed “Gus”. I visited Gus for a few years thereafter who always looked quite pleased with his surroundings and bore evidence of the good care and love received from the hands of the little Angel who, perhaps unlike others, was able to see a unique beauty in her little friend Gus.

[The photo of Casey and her Aunt Janice was taken on July 10, 2009 at a craft show on the Ocean City boardwalk before Casey headed down to work at Bob’s Grill. To see more photos from that day click here. More photos of Casey and her Aunt Janice can be found throughout the photo gallery.]

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