“Harlem Girl”

Harlem subway sign for Rach.jpg

Our freshman year of college, Melissa Zirolli and I went to visit Casey at Fordham. I had never been to NYC, so Casey made sure it was extra entertaining to say the least. I had earned the nickname “Harlem girl” from Casey because I would always get really dark down at the shore in the summer and when we met boys on the boardwalk she would tell them I was her latino woman from Harlem. So when we were in NYC she kept joking around and telling me we were on the subway headed to Harlem. The trip was one of the most memorable times of my life.

[Note: View more photos from this night and Casey’s captions in her Facebook album “Hot Child in the City” The picture of the Harlem subway sign was in Casey’s Facebook album “First Weekend in the Citayyyy” from her first few days in NYC as a freshman in Sept. 06′. She captioned the photo”this is for you rach!”

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