Matthew Grace Memories

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I had met Casey when we were both young — too young to remember. My family shares a mutual friend with the Feldmans and that is how we met. Even then, I was told she was the life of the party. I can only assume that it was fate that reunited Casey and I during my freshman year of high school through STW. Casey and I became great friends because of theater. I enjoyed being in the shows with her, for she was a great actress and an important member of the cast; she was the missing piece that made our cast a family. While thinking about all of my memories of Casey, one stood out in my mind. It was the summer after she had graduated and we were going to Washington D.C. to see Matt perform. We had a great time talking on the way down. Also, Casey and I ate together because she and I were the only ones that didn’t want Chinese food. I still can’t find words to sum up how much I love her and how much I am going to miss her. I can only hope that one day, Casey and I are reunited again.

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