NYC Encounter


Casey was truly a beautiful person, inside and out. Laramie and Arsenic wouldn’t have been the same without her–her bright attitude and ability to make everyone in the room laugh got us through a lot of tough days. Although we weren’t close friends, I’m just glad that I was able to spend time with her and learn more about her.

I think one of my favorite memories of her was about 2 years ago or so. I was walking in Greenwich Village in New York City when I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around, thinking that I was about to be mugged, but instead, I saw Casey and Matt smiling at me. It was so incredibly surreal to see them in New York, and it was just a really nice reminder of home. I remember talking to Casey and she told me how much she was loving Fordham and the city in general, and I was really proud of her. She had so much potential,…

 [Note:The first photo was taken after a performance of The Laramie Project in 2004 and depicts Casey with fellow cast members Missy Robbins and Adrianna Borgia (right). The second photo was taken on Dec. 27, 2008 at a restaurant in Greenwich Village, NYC. View the album from this family jaunt where Casey was the NYC tour guide for Cousin Curt.

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