Prank Phone Calls in College?


There are so many memories that I have of Casey, from grade school until college she was a person who you would never have a dull moment with. One of my favorite memories is when Casey came to visit Jackie, Amber and I at West Chester one night it was in 2007 when we first got our apt…we went to a party for a little bit (which was kind of lame) so we decided to come back to the apartment to make our own fun. All three of us were laying in Jackie’s bed and we decided to bring back one of our favorite past times…PRANK PHONE CALLS! it was probably one of the funniest nights I ever had, we all layed in bed for hours just dialing everyone and anyone we ever knew and who we thought would be a funny participant. Casey was the queen of the prank phone call – she would execute each call perfectly without a stutter or an outburst of laughter.  It was true talent and hilarious to boot! Who would have thought that just laying in bed with some friends and a cell phone would be so much fun, but it was and Casey was the reason it was so great. It is a memory that I will never forget and that I will cherish forever.

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