Rainy Day Creatures at Grandma and Grandpa’s

casey and adam 06 sr. prom.jpg

Casey and I always looked forward to rainy days when we were visiting Milt and Gilda. On those rainy days, if you walked up the back hill into the hemlock forest, you would find little bright orange colored colored salamanders under some of the trees amongst the damp leaves and dead pine needles. Collecting the salamanders and bringing them back to the house to play with/admire was something we looked forward to every time we went up to South Fallsburg. Casey would often have to make sure Nick, Brett and I were treating the little “sallies” nicely and would scold us if we began to be too boyish. Before it was bought by someone and fixed up into a functioning bungalow, there was an old in-ground swimming pool on the plateau behind the house as well. Years of rain had turned it into a perfectly symmetrical (and quite lively) pond where literally hundreds of tiny frogs could be caught and examined. This was a great treat for little Casey (the property was bought some years back and consequently the pool was cleaned out. The last time we were able to enjoy the little kermit babies was probably when Casey and I were around 13). These were some cute little creatures and she loved to catch and inspect them. [The photo of Casey and her cousin Adam was taken at the Springfield High School senior prom in 2006. To See more photos from this collection in the photo gallery, go to > High School Years > Proms and Dances > 5-5-06 Casey’s Sr. Prom.

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