So many books!

shore reading.jpg
casey & adam sr. week 06\'.jpg

One of the things I always admired about Casey was how much time she devoted to reading. I remember while being at the shore house in Sea Isle she would always sit on the back first-floor deck railing in a peculiar and somewhat precarious fashion (interesting that her room-mates always comment on the strange positions she would sit in!). That image of seeing her there from the doorway in the hall will always stay with me. In South Fallsburg, Casey would always read on the big couch in the den at night after dinner when everyone was always sort of mulling around. It was wonderful because I could sit in the den and look at old pictures/oddities or read myself, and Case would be there. You could talk to her and have her all to yourself in an environment that was so conducive to genuine and meaningful conversation. Those times will always remain in my memory.

[Note: The photo of Casey reading can be found in the photo gallery collection Shore > Misc. High School Years and the photo of Casey & cousin Adam, in Shore > Sr. Week 2 – Ocean City 06′ .]

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