I thought of this memory the other day in class and I could not stop laughing. One night in SIC Casey and I had gone to the movie store near her house and while we were there we saw a bunch of fake tattoos. We thought it would be super cool if we wore them up onto the promenade that night and that we could definitely find boys if we showed off our tattoos. Among all of the cool rebellious teen tattoos that were there, Casey insisted that we get these bright and sparkly flower tattoos. I thought to myself that this particular tattoo could in no way, shape or form be misconstrued as real, but I went along with it anyway. Back at her house we put them on; I had purple and Casey had pink (no surprise ha). We wore little shirts out that night so people would see them. Not one single person believed our lies but we had a lot of fun that night pretending we had sparkle flower power tattoos.

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