“Chrissy”, “Anna” and “Rebecca”

Shore - Chrissy, Anna & Rebecca.jpg

This memory has no particular night attached to it or a particular date. Instead this photo represents the countless nights Amber, Casey and I spent in Sea Isle together through our high school years. I believe it was our Junior year of school when Casey and Amber made me a scrapbook for my birthday of all of our shore memories. The tradition carried on for Casey’s and then for Amber’s birthday. This picture is the start of every album and has come to be our signature pic, and a huge laugh for our absurd outfits.

Casey would never let Amber and I read her personal writing, although we did constantly ask – ha! Casey’s writings have begun to be posted on this site and one is entitled “63rd and Pleasure”. The story is a nonfiction piece centered around three characters: Anna, Chrissy and Rebecca. The story is a beautiful piece of our lives in our favorite place.

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