The Attic!

growing up.jpg

I’ll never forget the adventures that Casey, Lisa, Gina, and I would have in Casey’s attic after school. We would climb into the very top of the attic and search for any old interesting things we could find. Casey and I were always the daring ones and we used to climb all the way into the crawl space to see if it led to anywhere special. One day, Gina was freaked out by the attic and decided to stay downstairs. Casey came up with the idea to tell Gina that I had fallen into a whole in the attic and I was missing. She called Gina up to the attic and used her amazing acting skills to convince Gina that I was really gone…even though I was hiding somewhere in the room. We had her going for a few minutes until we finally told her because she was getting really upset. This is how we used to entertain ourselves every day as crazy as that sounds. They were the best times of our lives and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

[Note: To see more photos of Casey during this time period, go to Early Years > Growing Up in the photo gallery.

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