You Need the CUTCO Peanut Butter “Spreader”!


Kevin and I were fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of Casey’s “Cutco Knives” sales career [summer 06′]. When she came to the door she looked like Dianne with a blonde wig. So adorable and bubbly! She read over the sales sheet (as boring as the material was we didn’t care because she made it fun). So of course we bought knives we didn’t need and the coolest peanut butter spreader. We think of Casey everytime we use it. Needless to say her career as a Cutco Salesperson ended a week later! Casey was destined for greater things. She seemed to touch the lives of sooooo many people. My daughter was looking at the sweet photo of Casey in her pink dress…she asked who she was and I told her she is another “Angel in Heaven” looking out for us.

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