Casey and Jamie Teasing Me Once Again

Casey & Brett Stowe, VT 1997
Casey (R) and Cousin Jamie in 1994 at the age they would have been when Brett was 4

Jamie I hope you remember this story too because this time, you were there!

The Feldmans and the Gallaghers took a Christmas time ski vacation up to Stowe Vermont. I think I was about four at the time and Casey and Jamie were six. We were staying in a condo which was dark and gloomy and somewhat desolate. The three of us were playing our usual games (and having a discussion about Michael Jackson and the Beatles. Kind of random, but that just popped into my head; it’s strange the things that you remember) when Casey and Jamie pretended to get a call on the phone there. Very similar to Jamie’s previous story, they told me that I was adopted and my real parents were coming to get me. My actual parents (Joel and Dianne) were not there for some reason, so the two girls kept trying to convince me that some impostors were coming to take me away. Being very young, I believed them and began to cry. I remember for the next hour or so crying hysterically and trying to come up with ways of avoiding my capture, like hiding in the closet. Eventually my parents came home and assured me that I was their real son.

This was yet another memory of mine of Casey’s mischievousness when we were both younger.

I was very young at the time, so the memory is somewhat vague. Maybe you can remember some more Jamie…

[Note from Mom – We would never have had the kids staying by themselves for even 5 minutes at that age! The babysitter must have been in a different room and didn’t know what was going on.  So much for good babysitters. ]

Brett, 4 years old – 1994 Killington, VT




Killington, 1996 – Brett and Casey and their “real” parents!
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  1. James Gallagher 14 years ago

    Brett, I’m still laughing at your story. But it had to be Killington, Vermont and not Stowe. The Gallagher’s have never been to Stowe. Maybe it was over the Y2K New Year. Aunt Janice was afraid to fly out west because extremists were predicting that planes were going to fall out of the sky due to computer malfuctions. But in 2000 you would have been about 10 years old?? A little old to be told your real parents were coming for you!! LOL

    Uncle Jim Gallagher

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