I have known Casey for a very long time, but I fell in love with Case when we got cast as the two crazy drunken british sisters in The Odd Couple. We were always together, and everyone referred to us as the KC’s. One of my favorite memories of Casey was our pre-show ritual. Before we could walk out of our dressing room we had to play “Defying Gravity” as loud as possible and Casey, Victoria Mayo, and I would sing it at the top of our lungs!

This is a picture of all the girls and Brennan’s hand prints during one of our last performances of “Mousetrap”. The last time the two of us ever walked on stage in an STW performance we sang “Defying Gravity” and laughed and cried. To this day one of the best moments of my entire life and one of the warmest memories I have of Casey.

[View more photos from The Mousetrap or The Odd Couple in the “High School Theatre” section of the photo gallery. Read Meg Falasco’s related memory, “Defying Gravity” . View the STW tribute to Casey.To hear Casey’s SHS teacher and theater director, John Guildea, talk about Casey’s high school theatre performances, watch the 14 minute video, “Remembering Casey” ].

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  1. janice gallagher 14 years ago

    THanks for that fun memory, Kasey! I can clearly picture Casey’s face with that huge smile and big eyes that laugh along with her trade mark giggle! Let me be honest with you and tell you that it is this type of memory that make the most wonderful stories to hear. You have created a beautiful memory for the rest of us—thanks!
    Casey’s Aunt Janice

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