Summer To Do List by Casey & Amber

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casey & Amber playing in SIC flood.jpg
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Mom found this paper folded up in one of Casey’s makeup drawers and had to share it (with Amber’s permission of course). It speaks for itself, revealing so much about Casey’s spirit and of course, her friendship with Amber. When was it written? Amber believes that it was at the start of summer, 2008.

If it is too annoying to read the enlarged version of the scanned copy, the following is the list retyped exactly, with the exception that #7 on the list was in bold. Also, the list was printed in pink!

1. Skinny-dipping

2. Get into a bar

3. Go on a road trip!

4. Take a lot of pictures and make a scrapbook at the end of the summer

5. Get at least 10 numbers from boys

6. Flirt with boys while using aliases, Kella & Hailee (NOT MELANIE!)

7. Do what we want and make ourselves happy

8. Stay out until the sun rises

9. Say something you always wanted to say to somebody

10. Say what you feel and mean what you say!

11. Play in the rain and be spontaneous!

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