“I’m OK!”

Casey & Janice Mem day 08_0055.jpg

I don’t know what night Matt and Melissa Z. had their dreams, but I recently had one JUST like it! My dream: Casey was standing next to another young girl around her own age. I didn’t recognize this other person; I really didn’t pay that much attention to her as my focus wan on Casey. I was so out of my mind that my dear sweet niece who was no long with us was standing before me! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I ran to her, hugged and hugged her, kissed and kissed her and kept saying, “Oh, Casey! Oh, Casey! I love you, miss you! Oh Casey, Oh Casey.” Casey repeated, “I’m OK; I’m OK.” As I continued to kiss and hug her, her voice got louder and louder until she finally shouted “I’M OK!” The dream ended and when I woke the next day and recalled seeing Casey once again, it became clear to me that she is communicating with all of us and she wants us to know that she is OK.

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