Another “Casey’s Green Bag” Dream

Casey & Kelsey 08\'.jpg

Last night, I had a long dream with Casey in it. It was a lucid dream, and I remember thinking during it that I should write this down but then thought I’d remember it all. When I woke up, I tried to remember everything, but these are the only parts I recall.

I took a train to visit Casey at her shore house. I have never been to her Sea Isle house, but since I live on the Jersey Shore, I wanted to plan a visit last summer and she had planned to come up for my birthday in Aug 2009. In my dream, I remember that her house was like a mansion there right on the beach, but it felt pretty empty inside. There was one room with couches, and Casey was sitting there with some of her friends from Fordham- I remember seeing Janine, Kelsey, and David. Everyone was kind of vying for her attention, but she seemed really nonchalant and didn’t seem phased by people being surprised or very excited to see her. It was as if nothing was out of place about her presence there.

At one point, she was flipping through a magazine and I was looking at it over her shoulder. There was a page of purses and I pointed at one and said I liked it, but Casey said it was too big for her. I said something like, “Yea, I know you like smaller bags like your green one.” And she agreed… I showed her how I now have the green bag and it was with me in the dream and that it’s one of the only smaller bags I have now. She said she was happy I have it and use it. In real life, I had just used her bag all throughout graduation week.

I can’t remember what happened in between during the dream, but later, my friend Christine from Fordham, who had hung out with me and Casey a couple of times at school, came into the big house and I told her excitedly, “I saw Casey here before,” and she said, “Oh you did?” I remember asking her if she saw Casey, too, but she said “No, I can’t see her. She isn’t here.” And I started to cry in my dream that she had left the house. The dream felt very long and real when it was happening, but I couldn’t remember much of it when I awoke.

The picture of Casey, Brooke and Kelsey is from Casey’s album, “Welcome to the O.C….!”, Sept. 2008. In the second picture with Kelsey taken in front of Fordham in 2008 by Mom, Casey has the green bag over her shoulder.

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