And the Lights Went On!

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I received a sweet surprise visit this morning from Amber and her friend, Zach, since they were off from school this week for spring break. Although both Amber and I have been having a difficult time recently, the mood was upbeat as Amber discussed the plans for the upcoming concert in West Chester.

As I walked them to the door at about noon, we were discussing whether or not Zach had seen the tree in person or just in photos. When I opened the door to see them out, we noticed that the “Casey tree” lights were on! I thought nothing of it as I unplugged the extension cord from the timer and then the timer from the outdoor outlet.

Later in the afternoon my thoughts went to the tree and suddenly I thought, “Oh my gosh, could it be Casey?” I have been repeatedly asking Casey to give me some kind of sign that her spirit is alive and that she is OK. In fact, I have been asking her aloud as I stand under the tree. I suddenly remembered from my readings in the area of the paranormal, that spirits frequently try to communicate with us through the use of electricity, by turning lights or radios on and off, for example. I rushed to check the timer and indeed, it was still set to come on at approximately 6:00 pm and go off at approximately 12:15 am. It has been doing this religiously for months!

I believe that Casey was giving both me and Amber that sign that I have been waiting for and that Amber and I really needed at this time!

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  1. sami csaniz 14 years ago

    Wow Mrs. Feldman that is amazing!!

  2. DianneAnderson 14 years ago

    It truly is Sami when you think about it. With electricity, if there is a power outage of some sort, the lights will go off, not on. Also, it wouldn’t change the settings on the timer. The clock on the timer would be behind for the amount of time that the electricity was out. So, for example, if the electricity was out for 10 minutes, the timer would come on 10 minutes later.That’s it. There would be nothing to account for it coming on some 6 hours earlier.

    Casey may have simply wanted to comfort us by giving us a sign that she is here. She may also have wanted to acknowledge gratitude to Amber for coming over to see me and/or for planning the benefit concert as well.

  3. Lisa DiCroce 14 years ago

    That story is wonderful. I totally believe that was Casey. She wants you guys to know she is okay and is always with you.

  4. Loretta Ziegler 14 years ago

    There is no doubt in my mind that it was a sign from Casey, she wanted to let you know she hears you, and is still very much a part of all of your lives. This website is a real tribute to what must have been an amazing daughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend to all who knew her. May her lights continue to shine thru all of you..

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