Casey Sits in the Tree

I just wanted to tell you about a conversation I just had with my little sister tonight before I forget about it…. Erin got her wisdom teeth out today and I know she was still pretty drugged up from the anesthesia when we had this conversation…. she told me that her cat, Buttercup, was with her in the emergency room and she saw blue penguins and pink bubbles floating above her head. Being her older sister, I went and grabbed my phone and decided to record her talking so I could play it back for her tomorrow. She went on about a lot of other weird things, with some truth in them. She then started to talk about who was there with her. She mentioned that Casey was with her and that is why the pink bubbles were there in the first place. Casey told Erin to tell me that she loves me and knows that I was a true friend and that she loves the tree you guys did for her. Casey said she sits in the tree every night and was there when we went up in the cherry picker. The thing I thought was weird about this was that Erin also mentioned that Casey said how their birthdays are four days apart and “girl, we are both Aries.” My sister was born April 10, I know Casey’s birthday is April 6. Erin also said that Casey was very happy and that Casey’s hair “looked good.” Casey also mentioned that she was glad that we all get together on our Tuesday nights and she was happy that Erin pet Nikki the last Tuesday we were there ( I could actually play the recording for you sometime if you’d like). Maybe it was Casey’s way of telling us she is still with us in our hearts and that she is actually happy.

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  1. janice gallagher 14 years ago

    Dearest Lindsey. Thank you so much for your account of Erin’s communication from Casey. I have had two communications from Casey–both of which were reassuring of her happiness and her desire that we get past our grief and feel happy once again. I read your account two days ago and can’t stop thinking about it. I don’t want to stop thinking about it because it is a reminder that right now we all need to know that Casey is happy and continues to be with us. Letting your sister know that Casey was happy that she petted Nikki is a beautiful and reassuring message. It offers healing.
    Aunt Janice

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