Amber’s 21st Birthday

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About a week before Amber’s 21st Birthday, I had a dream that a bunch of us were out at the bar celebrating Amber’s birthday. But, when I looked around to see where Amber was, I saw that she was sitting in the corner crying. I went over to see if she was alright and she told me that she was so upset that Casey wasn’t there to celebrate with her and that she missed her so much. I then looked over and saw that Casey was standing right next to me.Casey then told me to let Amber know that she was there and that everything was going to be ok and she wanted Amber to have a good time.

The next day I was at work and decided to leave Amber a face-book comment. At first I felt funny telling her about the dream but then I changed my mind. After I told her about my dream she said “omg sami i had the same dream and that you were comforting me!”

It was this dream that showed me that Casey is always with us.

[Note: 1st pic – Amber & Casey; 2nd pic – Casey & Sami]

To read Amber’s memory associated with the 1st photo click here to view “Jam Out Sessions!” To view more pics associated with the 2nd photo of Sami and Casey, click here to view “4-15-05 Casey’s Jr. Prom” from the Photo Gallery.

  1. janice gallagher 14 years ago

    OH, Sami!!! What a wonderful experience! I know that Casey is with us and wants us to be happy. She is experiencing happiness of such a degree that none of us have ever experienced before. You dream was a beautiful and reassuring message from our dear Casey. I cannot thank you enough for posting this memory/message. I will never forget your and Amber’s experiences.
    thank you,
    Casey’s Aunt Janice

  2. Sami Csaniz 14 years ago

    Thank you Aunt Janice, when Amber and I shared the same dream I just knew that she did want us to be happy and that she wanted us to know that everything was going to be ok and she will always be here for us no matter what! I will never forget this dream/experience

  3. janice gallagher 14 years ago

    We all seem to be receiving communication from Casey. Shortly after Casey left us, a friend assured me that we would hear from Casey, but that it would be received in non-conventional ways. He was right! I had a dream a few nights back in which Casey, another person whom I didn’t recognize and I were together. I ran over to Casey and hugged and kissed her and told her how much I missed her. I couldn’t stop hugging and kissing her and repeating, “Oh Casey, oh my sweet Casey.” Throughout all of this, Casey kept repeating, “I am fine. I am fine.” I got the feeling that Casey thought I wasn’t listening carefully enough, because with every kiss and hug from me, she began to get louder and louder and finally said, “I AM FINE!” I hope these wonderful and reassuring communications continue.

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